Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FLIP-A-CUP launch on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2008!!!

Hey everybody, just to let you all know! One of our good friends, Mel Lacey, and a few others are launching the "Flip-a-Cup" project here at Nipissing U! The general idea here is that rather than drinking your Tim Horton's coffee out of those awful paper cups, you will have the option to BORROW a plastic travel mug! They're bright lime-green, and...


NO WASTE (Close to 20,000 paper cups PER WEEK)! AND NO DISHES FOR YOU TO DO!

There will be NO extra cost whatsoever to borrow these cups, all that is asked is that you put them in a Flip-a-Cup receptacle after you've finished. This has potential to be a very successful project!

The project is officially launching NEXT Tuesday, September 23, 2008 @ 11:00 a.m.

Do your part to help save the earth!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eco Tent Protest

So, starting at 10 a.m. Monday morning, I'm going to be living out of a tent on campus for 7 days and nights as a sort of kick-off for the Eco Village project. The premise behind this, is that I am basically boycotting as much conventional technology as is humanly possible to promote a more environmentally-friendly way of life.

LE Guidlines!

-I'm allowed inside to go to class/use the library facilities, and grab my books as needed from my place of residence. Rain or hurricane though, I sleep outside no matter what.
-I will be cooking all of my meals on an open fire and eat as much as I can for free off the land.
-If I'm going to get around, I must walk or bike. No automotive vehicles of any kind.
-I'm allowed to party inside on Monday night for our roommate Osh's 22nd birthday. Birthday's are important, especially Australian ones.
-Yes...I will be Duchesney Falls.
-Oh! As for that Tuesday stir fry I promised everyone, I'll do it. But it could get interesting.
-I am trusting my roommates to wake me up every morning so I can go to class, because my cell phone will be nowhere around to use as an alarm clock.
-The world is my toilet.

That's pretty much the general idea.

TO ANYONE ELSE WHO IS INTERESTED!!! PITCH A TENT WITH ME!!! It could be for one night, or every night. Just pop a squat next to that orange vagrant tent outside of House #3 in the grey townhouse residence complex, and we'll hate technology together!

I'm going to go enjoy one last sleep in my bed now. See you around campus!


A Brief Introduction

The Eco Village is a first-time initiative aimed at reducing the environmental impact of campus living at Nipissing University. Supported by the university, we as a team are developing ways to reduce water and energy usage, and waste production. We are the first and only residents of the Eco Village so far, located at House #3 in the Grey Townhouse Complex in Upper Residence. The purpose of this blog is to share, generate, and learn new ideas with the greater Nipissing community, so come check us out, drop us a line, stop by the house and help save the earth, MoFo!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Welcome dudes