Saturday, October 25, 2008


Movember - Changing the face of men's health.
This coming month is an exciting one; not just in our scholarly studies are we actively striving for the best but through our abilities to join together for the support and awareness of Movember. We will be in the month of Movember, known as moustache November to draw awareness, as well as fund for the purpose of supporting Prostate Cancer Reasearch. This is a charitable month long event where we are sporting, of course, moustaches for the purpose of awareness in order to raise money for such an important men's health illness.

Every year around 24,700 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 4,300 die of the disease, making it the number one cancer threat to Canadian men.
We encourage you to visit the Movember website at: - where you can find us, your fellow students and eco-village society at team: Team Team. We are collecting donations online that will go directly through Movember to the Prostate Cancer Research Foundaation of Canada. Spread the news amongst your family and friends! Also we will be hoping to acquire a table to set up in the NUSU hallway toward the end of the month, where you can look for your moustached companions to be collecting donations in public and handing out moustaches to all of those that can't necessarily grow one. Further dates to follow, as well as a Movember Gala event at the Eco-village towards the end of the month. Stay posted for more!
Help us to change the face of Men's Health worldwide.