Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eco Tent Protest

So, starting at 10 a.m. Monday morning, I'm going to be living out of a tent on campus for 7 days and nights as a sort of kick-off for the Eco Village project. The premise behind this, is that I am basically boycotting as much conventional technology as is humanly possible to promote a more environmentally-friendly way of life.

LE Guidlines!

-I'm allowed inside to go to class/use the library facilities, and grab my books as needed from my place of residence. Rain or hurricane though, I sleep outside no matter what.
-I will be cooking all of my meals on an open fire and eat as much as I can for free off the land.
-If I'm going to get around, I must walk or bike. No automotive vehicles of any kind.
-I'm allowed to party inside on Monday night for our roommate Osh's 22nd birthday. Birthday's are important, especially Australian ones.
-Yes...I will be Duchesney Falls.
-Oh! As for that Tuesday stir fry I promised everyone, I'll do it. But it could get interesting.
-I am trusting my roommates to wake me up every morning so I can go to class, because my cell phone will be nowhere around to use as an alarm clock.
-The world is my toilet.

That's pretty much the general idea.

TO ANYONE ELSE WHO IS INTERESTED!!! PITCH A TENT WITH ME!!! It could be for one night, or every night. Just pop a squat next to that orange vagrant tent outside of House #3 in the grey townhouse residence complex, and we'll hate technology together!

I'm going to go enjoy one last sleep in my bed now. See you around campus!


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  1. When are you pitching your tent again? There was not a successful ecotent protest for seven days.