Tuesday, November 25, 2008

EcoVillage Updates

(Sick times!)

So the EcoVillage project has officially been underway for nearly 3 months now, and we have just received our first set of numbers concerning our progress thus far. Our residence don, Sam, dropped by last night with the figures comparing us to the control house, and we are STOKED!

(Note: this is in comparison to the control house only)

We have been using:
  • 45% Less Water
  • 48% Less Hydro
  • 65% Less Gas

We are thrilled with these first set of numbers, and have already made more alterations to the house to try and lower these numbers further.


  • All energy-efficient bulbs (and removal of unnecessary ones)
  • The programmable thermostat has been set, and our house generally maintains a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius
  • 1.1 Litres of water have been displaced in both toilets to lower water consumption on flushes (not to mention the "if it's mellow let it yellow" policy)
  • A low-flow showerhead has been installed. Along with this, we try to keep each shower down to 5 minutes, as well as shut the water off while soaping up
  • A low-flow kitchen faucet has also been installed, along with a low-flow aerator in the most-used washroom in the house
  • In addition to the water faucet alterations, we have had maintenance turn down our hot water heater; when we moved in, it was unnecessarily scorching hot, and it was fixed almost immediately

We will continue to try and make our house more efficient, and see what the next set of numbers tells us! Thanks to everyone for the support.


  1. I am very excited about this news! The Ecovillage project is a fantastic idea and I am glad that you folks are taking part. Keep up the great work. It is great when you can see concrete results of your efforts.

  2. glad to see the project is a success so far - hopefully the additional changes will help conserve even more energy :)

  3. Thanks so much for the support! We also just today received another number, and apparently we are using 40% less energy overall in comparison to the control house. We're ecstatic!

  4. This eco village is so ultimately wonderful! I just started at canadore this january! I am so overjoyed to hear that there is something like this in northbay. I am so happy for you guys and to see that it is has been going well!! Is this going to be continued next year as well? Is there actually composting available somewhere? Thanks for your time and hope your having a lovely day!