Friday, December 5, 2008

Movember's Over

Well, Movember was a success. The Eco Village rocked our moustaches for the duration of the month, and looked dirtier than ever. In the end, we raised approximately $250.00 to go towards prostate cancer research! The donation table raked in a ton, and we are going to definitely set it up more than once next year. It's difficult to gauge something new and how to go about it, but now we know!

On another note! We volunteered to do the Salvation Army kettle jar drive, and we were able to raise approximately $750.00 over the course of 8 hours or so! It was a huge success!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Movember cause, and supported prostate cancer research with a dirty moustache (or "shin-stache" in regards to Colleen and Meghan)!

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